NorthlandI generally try to steer clear of information that comes to me through too many people to avoid the “telephone game syndrome” where the information gets more garbled at each stop.

Tonight I’ll waive my usual prudence since this could be such a big deal.  So here’s my telephone game map.

  • I just talked to my wife who is away.
  • She just got an email from a neighbor
  • The neighbor ran into her dentist in the park
  • The dentist has an office in the AAA building of the Marshalls Plaza on Needham St
  • He say’s he’s moving his office because the Marshall plaza will be leveled next year.

According to the city’s GIS maps the Marshall’s plaza is owned by Needham St Associates.  Next door is the huge Clarks building complex owned by Northland Development.   Both Needham St Assoicates and Northland share a mailing address so it appears that both parcels are in effect owned by Northland.

There have been lots of hints over the last year that something big is afoot.  Clarks announced quite a while ago that they are moving to Waltham.  Northland got a demolition permit about a year ago to knock down three buildings on the property for “increasing the parking”.  Last winter, the big vacant white building (middle of the photo) collapsed during the big snowstorms and has since been torn down.

These two properties together are one of the biggest parcels in all of Newton so whatever happens next, it will be  BIG.

Hey Greg Reibman, don’t you work in that same AAA building?  Whadayaknow?