LongShot4Plans continue for the Feast of the Falls ….

President Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC, 20500

Dear President Obama,

As I’m sure you’re aware, the Feast of the Falls (June 26) is the biggest event of the year in Newton Upper Falls.  Every year 100’s of people sit at a single long elegant table in Hemlock Gorge for an amazing catered Feast. 

Most remarkably the Feast is free for the guests.  The first 350 people who sign up for tickets get them.  Rather than a society dinner, this is truly a democratic Feast, with a great wide cross section of our community breaking bread together at a single table.

The event is made possible by our generous local businesses and organizations, an army of neighborhood volunteers, and a contingent of our most prominent citizens who serve the food as part of the VIP Server Crew.

Every year we have had a full complement of our local elected officials on the Server Crew with one notable exception.   Our State Reps, City Councilors, School Committee members, Neighborhood Councilors are always there but tragically, our beloved Mayor Setti Warren has never been able to attend due to schedule conflicts.

This year once again Mayor Warren can’t make it.  It turns out that every year the Feast of the Falls conflicts with the US Conference of Mayors which Mayor Warren always quite rightfully attends.

So we’d like to ask a favor of you.  How about you stand in for Mayor Warren on the VIP Server Crew.  Michelle and the girls would be welcome as our guests.  We’d even sit them in your station if you like.  It would help get the mayor out of an embarrassing schedule conflict.  He’s a fellow Democrat and big supporter of yours.

We understand your schedule can be pretty busy so if you can’t make it how about sending Joe Biden in your place, or maybe someone from your cabinet.  Hell, we’d be thrilled with the Under-Secretary of Agriculture.  Tell them the food is great.  It’s an amazing night and they won’t be disappointed.

Sorry for the late notice but thanks in advance for anything you can do.

Seana Gaherin
Chris Osborn
Jerry Reilly
—Feast of the Falls Crew—


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