engine6Back in 2013 the city launched a plan in cooperation with Pine Street Inn and Metro-West to convert the de-commissioned fire station, Engine 6 in Waban, into a permanent housing for formerly homeless folks.  When the plan was made public there was a very big and load uproar from some of the citizenry of the surrounding neighborhood of Waban.

The public meetings were loud, impassioned, full of a fair amount of misinformation, and not a pretty site.  In the face of the uproar, the city backed out of the plan and cancelled the project.

In response, Supporters of Engine 6, a group that sprang up to advocate for the project, lodged a formal complaint with the federal department of Housing & Development (HUD).   In settling that complaint the city has agreed to a “conciliation agreement” with HUD that requires them to put together a detailed Action Plan to show how they will address housing for the chronically homeless.

That plan was released a few days ago.  Here’s a copy.

The Action Plan lists six possible sites for future housing for the chronically homeless.   Four of the six listed sites are properties already owned by Newton Public Housing.  Three of those sites involve adding a single unit to an existing Newton Public Housing owned property.

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