[UPDATE: event has been postponed again, due to rain. Event will be held June 10-11]
lexingtonparklet | Newton MA News and Politics BlogNewton’s planning department will have a Demonstration of a Demonstration this week. The Demonstration of a Demonstration refers to a new approach to communicating and testing changes in traffic patterns prior to spending lots of money and getting the wrong results, remember the Cyprus Cypress St interchange configuration and un-configuration?

For two days, the intersection of Washington Street and Walnut Street will feature a temporary traffic configuration that will demonstrate how the intersection could be redesigned to be more welcoming to all users. The temporary configuration will be made of movable materials and will include elements like curb extensions, pedestrian islands, bike lanes, parklets and art programming.

The trial will be in place for Friday May 13th and Saturday May 14th. According to James Freas, Acting Director or Planning, this location was selected as the one most mentioned during the Visioning Workshop held in February.

Two notes.

  1. In the case of rain this will be moved to June 10th-11th. The rain washes away the chalk lines and the trial was originally schedule for April 9th-9th. .
  2. Most importantly, this is not a proposed design only a demonstration of how Newton could devastate illustrate designs in the future.

You may want to take a look on Friday since some showers are in the forecast for Friday night.