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This is from Nancy Hyde, Newton’s Economic Development Director….
Starting Monday, May 9th, the Elliot St/Central Ave bridge contractor plans to begin preparation for the upcoming bridge construction which will require occasional lane closures. If a lane closure is required between 7-9 a.m., the traffic setup will be such that eastbound traffic will be allowed continuous travel, and westbound traffic will be detoured during that time period. The exception would be MBTA busses, for whom the detail officers will allow westbound passage. After 9 a.m., single lane alternating traffic will be permitted.

It is anticipated that the contractor will typically cease lane closure operations at 3:30 pm, before peak pm traffic. However, if the contractor does require lane closures during peak PM traffic, the peak AM setup would be reversed, with westbound traffic allowed through continuously and eastbound traffic detoured, lane closures will be intermittent until mid-June.
The contractor will be required to give advance notice for when lane closures are anticipated. Daily lane closures will begin in mid-June with the bridge closing for all traffic in mid-July.

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