PicassoGraphic2The Newton Nomadic Theater returns to Newton this coming weekend with possibly our best show yet.  Audiences love it.

A Picasso by Jeffrey Hatcher is set in Paris during WWII and features Stephen Cooper and Linda Goetz.  It’s a cat-and-mouse game between Pablo Picasso and a Miss Fischer a German attache, beneath the streets of Nazi occupied Paris.

For Friday’s show at Bocca Bella Bistro in Auburndale we’re planning a bit of an extravaganza.  For the half hour before the show (7:30 – 8), The Resistance will be performing period songs that you might have heard in Paris in  the 1940’s.  We’ll also be presenting a mini-exhibition of paintings from the Museum of Bad Art, that might have been seized by the German authorities had the museum existed then.

The show itself is not to be missed – two amazing performances and a script that takes all kinds of twists and turns.

Join us at Bocca Bella on Friday or Saturday night for a great night of theater.  Better yet, book a table at Bocca Bellas for dinner and then come to the show.

The following week there’ll be performances in a Brookline living room (Fri), Gregorian Rugs (Sat), and Dunn Gaherins Pub (Sunday).

As Miss Fischer would say: SIT DOWN…please! Buy your tickets. NOW! Sallee Lipshutz

Tickets ($20) for all shows available here

“Do not miss it: that play is a gem!”  – Isabelle Albeck

The Newton Nomadic Theater is a prime example of how you don’t have to spend a fortune to see brilliant work!”  – Bruce Schneider

“Be sure to see it” – Marti Bowen

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