This Sunday May 1st is NewtonSERVES, a day set aside for Newton residents to give back to the community.

NewtonSERVES is a Day of Community Service that brings together over 1,000 volunteers of all ages to complete more than 50 community projects for the benefit of numerous non-profit organizations and City of Newton departments. Volunteers work in teams on morning, afternoon or all day projects throughout the city, such as cleaning up parks, planting gardens, building and painting school bookshelves, spring cleaning at non-profit organizations and helping senior citizens. By enhancing the City of Newton’s sense of community, NewtonSERVES helps to foster a culture of year-round volunteerism.

There are dozens of ways to pitch in, morning or afternoon. There will also be a sneaker collection at city hall and food donations are welcome to the local food pantry. Sign up here.

If you don’t get a chance to register online or have your day free up last minute, you can register to participate in person at city hall at 8:30am or at noon.

Are you participating in NewtonSERVES? Do you have a project you want to highlight? Share away, in the comments.

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