StorySlam2The Newton Nomadic Theater is in the midst of its five week run of A Picasso but the actors will be taking a night off next Saturday so we can present the next Nomad Story Slam at Gregorian Rugs.

These nights of community storytelling, inspired by the Moth Radio Hour, have been wildly popular and feature wonderful stories from your neighbors.

Come to hear the stories, or throw your name in the hat to tell your own five minute true story.  The theme for this upcoming evening is “trouble”, which we are sure will inspired some memorable tales.

To get you in the mood, here’s a story from Aaron Cohen from the last Nomad Story Slam back in January, and here’s another one from me.

Tickets ($10) are available here.  Show starts at 7:30PM.   If you’re planning to tell a story, please arrive a bit earlier (7:15).  This event is helping kickoff the 2nd annual Newton Festival of the Arts.   The festival will run all through May and will feature every conceivable kind of homegrown Newton arts, with events every single day throughout the month.

Meanwhile …. our current theatrical production, A  Picasso,  is burning down houses.   The fabulous script and amazing performances by Stephen Cooper and Linda Goetz have been wow’ing audiences since opening night.  There are three more weeks to go so don’t miss this exceptional piece of theater presented right in your own neighborhood at all sorts of interesting venues around Newton and elsewhere.

Tickets ($20), schedule and information here.

“The Newton Nomadic theater is a gift to this area.   It is exactly the type of theater we crave. The Newton Nomadic Theater is a prime example of how you don’t have to spend a fortune to see brilliant work! ” – Bruce Schneider

“The two actors are phenomenal … Do not miss it: that play is a gem!”  – Isabelle Albeck

“Buy your tickets. NOW”! – Sallee Lipshutz

( read their full comments on our web site)

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