Concerns about the Charter Commission proposal to reduce the size of the City Council seem to have hit a nerve with some. Change is hard. One blogger, in the absence of the actual arguments presented, on a site ostensibly dedicated to improving the level of discourse in the city, has plenty to say. Despite the fact that this body was democratically elected and has open meetings, charges of conspiracy abound. Like most posts at the site, there seemed to be little dissent. Some of the language distracted this reader from what might be fair questions about representation. A couple of phrases made my jaw drop.

I didn’t move to Newton so I could live in City that struggled to upgrade its government so it could favorably compare to Somerville

This one left me speechless:

Those white gloved, hatted, League Ladies of yesteryear will rejoice in their heaven at the thought that the Newton Legislature may be returned to responsible people who understand what is best for our City.

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