PicassoGraphic2Last night was the opening of the Newton Nomadic Theater’s new show –  A Picasso.  Three Village14 regulars were in the audience.

Here’s a review from Sally Lipshutz.

Jeffrey Hatcher is authentic and his play is all about authenticity. It takes place in the late 1930’s in an Occupied Paris warehouse and its purpose is to expose the truth. Are three paintings really the works of the prominent artist, Pablo Picasso, who is being questioned by the female Nazi caricature, Miss Fischer, or are they fakes? What you might expect when you put an egotistical, misogynistic Casanova and an autocratic, military marionette in the same room to pick truth from fiction is definitely not what you get!

Surprisingly, this play is not black. It is a grey human comedy, somewhat like the truth it seeks. 

Stephen Cooper and Linda Goetz were to the action born. I see them in their roles as most authentic and believable as they morph between their inner and outer portraits as easily as someone opening and shutting wooden window blinds, allowing sneak peeks into deeply personal worlds.

As Miss Fischer would say: SIT DOWN…please! Buy your tickets. NOW!

 A Picasso runs through May 15 at interesting locations in and around Newton – a library, a rug store, a glass-makers studio, a restaurant, a pub, a private home, and an artist studio.

There are a few tickets still left for tonight’s show, 7:30 PM at Patty Simon’s studio on Lake Ave in Newton Highlands.  Plenty of tickets left for all future performances.

Order tickets here

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