Ever wonder where City business gets done? Not business that falls under the State’s OML Regulation, Heaven forfend, but smaller legitimate assemblies of two or three who exchange information with each other. Around Election time, candidates sit in public places…the Highlands’ Bread and Chocolate, Newtonville’s Rox Diner, Newton Centre’s Johnnie’s, and they schmooze about the issues du jour in hopes of garnering signatures or votes. They bring their clipboards to City Hall and the Library and LWVN as well. But where do they go for daytime work/gatherings after they are elected?

I happened to be meeting with another Waban Area Councilor and a Newton Highlands Councilor to further the planning of the Zervas Street Design Meeting that both Councils will be sponsoring (on April 14 at 7:30pm at the Waban Library Center). Since I have been ultra busy and my house was not presentable, I suggested Barry’s in Waban as a meeting site. One of the members counter-suggested a meeting place I had never heard about, hidden behind the Newton Police Annex in West Newton  on tiny Spencer  St., off Davis St. that looks like it is a driveway. Parking is sketchy there…you might have to park behind CVS or even in the Municipal lot near the main Police Bureau and walk on over. There is an alleyway between two buildings on the south side of Washington Street that you can use to walk through if you can’t find parking on Davis (which is mostly reserved for Police cars) or on the nearby streets at meters. It is called L’Aroma and its coffee and baked goods rival the best in town while it is priced remarkably well!

Two of us arrived and exchanged greetings with a City Councilor who was leaving. Since we didn’t know whether our colleague was waiting upstairs, we went there and found several couch-studded rooms and up one more step, a large room with several conference tables that would comfortably seat six.

As we settled into one of these tables, we noticed that the other was occupied by three of the four City Council and School Committee members who sport double last-names! That got me to wondering… where do the “pols” do their work in each village?  If you want to bump into one of the Newton “machers” (Yiddish for “people who get things done”) where in each Ward or Village would you go?

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