Uncertain what to do with themselves between the hours after City Council meetings and before they need to be at their day jobs the next morning, five Newton City Councilors have formed a speed metal band.

The group, called the Dock’its, consists of only one professional musician, Barbara Brousal-Glazer, but several budding amateurs Ted Hess-Mahan on guitars, Brian “Boom-Boom” Yates on drums, Emily Norton on ban-joes and Lisle Baker, playing some sort of  percussion instrument he built himself.

As with any rock band, tension and personality clashes are inevitable. For example, there are reports that Norton is no longer speaking to Brousal-Glazer following a dust-up over the final verse of a song they were co-writing called “Austin.”  And when Hess-Mahan asked for approval of a tee-shirt design, Baker insisted recommitting the process for more study.

The Dock’its have been practicing at City Councilor David Kalis’ house, because, well, that’s where the vodka is.

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