Ever the creative geniuses and impresarios of novel approaches to the worlds of art and theater, Newton Upper Falls residents Jerry Reilly, and Marie Jackson, his talented actress/director/producer spouse, have moved the bar on improbabilities for Newton’s cultural expansion. For two years they have produced exceptional theater in bare bones settings with bare bones staging. Now they are moving on to complete bare bones theater. 

Jerry and Marie have determined that they will produce seven outdoor theater productions this summer in the aqueduct hollow of Hemlock Gorge where the Feast of the Falls is held annually. They are presently seeking approval from the City Administration and City Council and need community support to show solid endorsement of this proposal. What raises the collective eyebrow is that this proposal requires that each performance be done entirely “au naturelle”– both on the stage and in the audience.

Plans are for theater-goers to check their clothes at the western steps of Echo Bridge as they enter the wooded setting. Feather boas of various lengths will be available, especially for politicians who always have something to hide, at $15/foot, the funds underwriting future pursuits of the Newton Nomadic Theater and the Museum of Bad Art.

The three Area Councils of Ward 5 ask interested citizens to write to Mayor Setti Warren at [email protected] and the Newton City Council via [email protected] to express their support for this unique opportunity to pursue this new cultural experience.


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