Proposed Charles River town border

As the city of Newton reflects on its structure of government, the three Area Councils that encompass Ward 5 have been listening to its constituents through a series of Envisioning Meetings and has started exploration of forming the Town of Charles River. According to Upper Falls president Anil Adyanthaya “The three villages represent a diverse cross section of resident demographics, commercial entities and character”. The conditions for this move seem right with the vast unknown outcome of the Charter Commission deliberations showing signs of major changes to Newton Governance. Sallee Lipshutz, President of the Waban Area Council, wants the city to know that “this is not a succession from Newton so much as a different partnership between the villages of Newton” indicating that the new elementary schools would be available for the neighboring Newton students.

Details of the eventual local government have not been finalized but there is a movement to entice John Rice to take a leadership role and to create a post of Cultural Affairs and Entertainment for Jerry Reilly as two of the  first civic leaders of the Charles River.

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