FestivalLogoLast year the city launched it’s first ever Newton Festival of the Arts, a month long festival of local arts of every kind.

It was a big hit last year so this year it’s back again – bigger and better.  This year’s festival will feature about 85 events through April and May – everything from music, theater, dance, visual arts …..

Programs for the festival were mailed out this week so you should be receiving them soon if not already.

Here’s the on-line schedule of events


The most exciting new wrinkle this year is the “Artful Pianos” project.   Many (8?) old pianos have been acquired, and painted by local artists, and they will be planted in neighborhoods around the city for the month of May.  These street pianos will be available to anyone passing by to sit down and play a few tunes.

ArtfulPianosIn addition the Festival has also organized scheduled performances  at the different pianos through the month.

Here in my neighborhood everyone’s excited that Upper Falls will be getting its own piano at the corner or Chestnut and Oaks Streets right beside the Upper Falls Greenway.   We’re looking to put together a raucous, ragtag, musical parade down the length of the Greenway to the piano on Sunday May 15 – more details to follow.


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