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Mark Aronson spoke to the students today, and now has sent this email to the community, quoted in full for those who haven’t seen it:

Dear North Community,

Today I spoke with our students about the fan behavior at Friday’s basketball game. Chants from both schools were unacceptable, hurtful, and have no place at a high school athletic event or anywhere else. Catholic Memorial has apologized, taken responsibility for its actions, and will use this incident as a learning opportunity.

We at Newton North must, and are currently working to, do the same. Regardless of intent, the impact of chants from our fans was hurtful. On behalf of our community, I have apologized to Catholic Memorial administrators for our fan behavior. We are taking  this event as an opportunity to reflect and learn.  We strive to be a community that is supportive and inclusive. In all situations, our students must remember our values and show our “Tiger Pride” in a positive way.

As principal, I have high expectations for how our students treat each other. I expect you do too. Using this event, as well as incidents of anti-Semitic graffiti and racist comments submitted via an online survey, we will learn more about ourselves and how we can do better as a community. I have no doubt that, together, we will use these unfortunate events to help students gain a greater understanding of the power of their words and increase their cultural competence.


Mark  Aronson

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