one newton fundI don’t know Joe Waters so I can’t vouch for him but he’s created this amazing T-shirt and a Booster fund he says will benefit the families of the Sweet Tomatoes tragedy.

I’m launching this fundraiser with my daughter, Cate Waters, a sophomore at Newton North High School. We live just a few blocks from the site of the crash, which occurred at 6pm on Tuesday, March 1st.

Sadly, two people were killed and seven were injured.

Like many families in West Newton, we’ve eaten at Sweet Tomatoes Pizza many times and know all too well that any one of us could have been been sitting in the restaurant when the accident happened.

We’ve set up this page to raise money for the two people who lost their lives Tuesday night. We are awaiting notification that a fund(s) for the two victims has been established. We are asking Booster to wait until this is in place before disbursing any funds.

We’re saddened by the loss of two wonderful Newtonites, and hope you’ll support this fundraiser.

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