LisaFischerYou may not have heard of Lisa Fischer but you’ve heard her.  You remember.  Halfway through the Rolling Stones ‘Gimme Shelter’, that insanely powerful female voice comes out of nowhere and completely upstages the Rolling Stones – that’s (NOT) Lisa Fischer (see comments below).

If you’ve ever been listening to the Rolling Stones, Chaka Khan, Chris Botti, Tina Turner, Sting, Luther Vandross, Nine Inch Nails,  or dozens of other bands and suddenly heard a backup singer that send chills up your spine, that was probably Lisa Fischer.

A great documentary film called “20 Feet From Stardom” came out a few years ago and tells the story of a small cadre of THE female backup singers that we’ve all heard on countless recordings.  If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth NetFlix’ing.

Since “20 Feet From Stardom” came out, Lisa Fischer has stepped out front into the spotlight, and has been touring with her own band Grand Baton.  I saw her two summers ago and both she and her band blew me away – an amazing show.

On April 1, Lisa Fischer and Grand Baton are coming to Newton North for a fundraising concert for Historic Newton.  The ticket prices start at $55 and go up from there so it may be a bit rich for my budget this time around.  If you’ve never seen her though, do it!    You won’t be disappointed and you’ll be helping a great organization – Historic Newton.

Get tickets here

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