So I just went to pay my auto excise, and things are looking a little different at newtonma.gov! I haven’t explored it too much yet, or checked on mobile. Has anyone else?

newcitywebsite2I had a little trouble finding Departments without the familiar drop down menu on the left side. It turns out Departments is buried down at the very bottom of the page. Below the Calendar which stubbornly refuses to load. But also accessible from the City GovernmenHighInterestProjectst button at the top of the page.

The “High Interest Projects” link is accessible from the “Businesses” tab, not the “Residents” tab. (Why am I not surprised?) And when you go to “High Interest Projects,” there’s still nothing on the Orr Block. Sigh.

The City Council committee webpages may not be done. There’s almost nothing on Land Use’s 2016 page. Zoning & Planning has no audios for 2016. Programs & Services has some Reports and some audios for 2016, but not ZAP2016 webpageothers. And alas, the audios themselves are still those lame players with no way to fast forward or go back, and that tend to crap out in the middle of playing.

How’s the website working for what other people use?


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