I had listened each month for the last year and a half as the Angier Construction Team met with the Waban community immediately preceding the Waban Area Council’s monthly meeting. The Construction Team kept the neighbors informed and answered many questions about what to expect until, at the beginning of January, the student and teaching populations of Angier returned to their new building. Listening to the monthly saga of various building professions interfacing as they choreographed the assembly of what would be the new Angier School, I clearly underestimated my profound surprise and delight on Saturday when I visited Angier’s Open House for the public and saw, firsthand, the beautiful and fully functional spaces created within this educational facility. Under the constraints of a less than perfect physical site, the City has produced a Class Act for Angier’s Grades K through 5.  I hope you had a chance to see for yourself. If so, what did you think?

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