SnowParkingMeters | Newton MA News and Politics BlogWe’ve got a bit of righteous indignation in the air at our house tonight.

What do you think the policy is, what do you think the policy should be, about the city shoveling out parking meters?  What should the policy be about meters that aren’t physically accessible?

On Monday January 25 I parked in the Newton Center parking lot.  I spaced out for few minutes listening to the radio.  Then I was startled when a tall lanky woman started mountaineering up the pile of snow by my parking meter.   She got to the top, glared at me and descended and stared in my window.  This really creeper me out.  I took out four quarters, as I had no idea how much I would need for a half hour.  However, I am not a tall lanky woman.  I am 63 years old and have an inside leg measurement of 23 inches. I am as fit as a person who has had open heart surgery and since then has had 5 stents in two years.  I can walk 10 thousand steps a day, and have a fit bit.  What I cannot do is climb a pile of snow without falling, even with spikes on the soles of my shoes.  I know this to be true because I tried and failed.  I took a picture and hopefully I will succeed in attaching it to this email.  I went to All Newton Music store on Beacon street to collect my 13 year old from her voice lesson.  When I returned, I had a ticket. #354299385. 


Marie Jackson.