The Newton Nomadic Theater periodically run an event at Gregorian Rugs called the Nomad Story Slam.  They are nights of community story telling.  Each slam has a theme and anyone can come and throw their name in the hat to tell a five minute story – and they have been wonderful nights of amazing stories.

Every Sunday, I post a single video story from the Nomad Story Slam archive.  This week’s is from Nomad Story Slam #4 last May.  The theme was “a long way from home“.  Mike Reilly told us a wild tale about making introductions … in Walpole Prison.

Many thanks go to our video team (Chris Pitt, Maureen Reilly-Meagher, Walter Frankel, and Chris Thayer) who’ve been recording and editing these events right from the very first one.

Enjoy – Click here   (Note: Language Warning!)

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