For the first time in the 24 years* I’ve lived in my neighborhood, I was able to walk all the way around the block on shoveled sidewalks (excluding one small patch) tonight. I felt happy and encouraged while walking, and I wondered if, maybe, the snow shoveling ordinance is working. Are people more conscientious about keeping their sidewalks clear?

My cynical husband had a different take, saying it’s only because it was easy snow get rid of. It’s easy to spend a little time on a sunny Sunday morning shoveling light snow–and not too much of it–that fell during the night.

He’s probably right, but I’m still feeling optimistic that this behavior is indicative of people being more courteous and responsible.

How were others’ neighborhoods today?

*Qualifier: I probably haven’t walked around the block after a snowfall every year during the past 24, but I know I have for the last five or six years.

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