VillageBankAbout 30 years ago I opened a bank account at BayBank in Newtonville.  Over the years through the endless mergers, acquisitions, and consolidation in the banking industry, BayBank became Bank Boston, then Fleet, and finally Bank of America – the evil empire.

After years of being endlessly abused in one way or another by Bank of America I had finally had enough and decided to move my account to a local neighborhood bank.  I was living in West Roxbury at the time so I moved the accounts to Hyde Park Savings (now Blue Hill Bank).  The difference in service was night and day and better still, the bank was involved in the local community.

Since I moved to Newton six years ago I’ve noticed over and over again that Village Bank seems to be a sponsor of endless activities, events and organizations in Newton.  They also give scholarships to college bound Newton students.  That kind of community commitment by a major local business is a huge asset to the city.

I’ve decided that its time to put my money where my mouth is.  I’m in the midst of the somewhat painful and tedious process of moving all the links to/from one set of bank accounts to new ones at Village Bank. While my meager bank accounts won’t make any difference to Village Bank’s health, I do think its important to do what we can to support any of our local businesses that are committed to our community.  I hope you do to.

Give a shout below to any local businesses that you know about that regularly pitch in and support their community.

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