Jonathan Dame has a story on Wicked Local Newton about the vacancies in Newton City Hall. Mayor Setti Warren is quoted, saying:

“We take this seriously,” Warren said. “We take the hiring of leadership in this city seriously.”

According to Dame, Warren and administration officials say that the employee turnover rate has been steady for the past six years, and that it is comparable to the turnover rates at other municipalities. The article highlights the very recent departures of Transportation Director Bill Paille, Youth Services Director Jenny O’Higgins and Community Engagement Director Jackie Goddard. 

Numbers provided by the city were:

In 2015 and the first couple weeks of this year, 33 people have resigned and 25 people have retired, according to Maureen Lemieux, the city’s chief of staff/chief financial officer. That’s out of more than 900 employees.

If I’m calculating correctly, that adds up to a turnover rate of just under 7% (and I don’t know if retirements typically get factored int0 turnover rate).

The article also discusses some of the long-lasting vacancies.

Read and share your thoughts.



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