Jack Sullivan over at CommonWealth Magazine released a lengthy article today that takes a look at Newton’s record when it comes to affordable housing. Well, honestly, it’s really about Mayor Warren’s record in affordable housing, but no one comes away from this unscathed.

It starts in the very first line in which Newton is defined as the place “where single-family home values are creeping into the million-dollar range…” and continues through a few choice sections. It slaps Newton as the home of snobs, to which Alderman Councilor Lipof says “Newton’s always going to get hit with that snob moniker because of who we are… It costs a lot to live here because it’s 12 minutes from downtown Boston. We have great schools, we are a diverse community. I think we’ve built a real special community here.”

Jay Doherty, of Cabot, Cabot and Forbes, the developer working to build housing at Wells Ave (in Lipof’s Ward), takes a pretty strong swing at Mayor Warren:

“He hasn’t blessed a major 40B [project] since he’s come into office,” says Doherty, who in December lost an appeal of the city’s rejection of his project. “Newton was routinely working with the 40B statute before Setti Warren came into office. He’s won. I congratulate the mayor. He has been a very effective barrier to this and other affordable housing projects.”

Doherty is clearly angry, as the latest rulings on the development didn’t go in his favor. Purely speculation here, but I believe the whole article likely originated from CCF public relations efforts.

Still, the article has some very interest stats and a chart that outlines where in Newton most of the affordable housing can be found. It’s a worthwhile read.

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