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I’m so pleased that two great Newton Democrats — Peg Hannigan and Rodney Barker — are leading the Newton For Bernie Sanders campaign! Their enthusiasm for Bernie equals or even exceeds my own, and I think that Bernie Sanders is the best candidate the Democrats have had since FDR.  In fact, Bernie Sanders is bringing FDR’s thinking into the 21st century.  In an article in this weeks’ Newton TAB, Peg and Rodney say:

“Bernie Sanders is the right leader for our troubled times. He is a unique and gifted political leader who has amassed a huge national following from literally millions of Americans who have enthusiastically responded to his political courage, blunt honesty, political acumen and genuine compassion for all those Americans who keep slipping behind in today’s economy.  The two of us have close to a century of political and civic involvement in Newton and in state and national political campaigns. Bernie is a once in a lifetime gift to the American people and this opportunity must not be squandered.”

If anyone else is Feeling the Bern or has any questions, please email [email protected].  All hands on deck!

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