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Today saw the inauguration of Newton’s first city council. The elected city councilors and school committee members were sworn in this afternoon at city hall. Much of the ceremony was similar to past inaugurations of the board of alderman, some parts way to formal to my mind but likely proper for Newton. The city council leadership remains the same with Lennon, Lappin and Baker holding the tops spots with an announcement of the new committee leadership positions that were previously reported.

Some of my highlights:

Mayor Warren promised and delivered some short comments complementing the working relationship developed over the past term which saw disagreements between various parties but with a process that was not disagreeable. He also thanked the former board and school committee members for making some difficult votes recently.

President Lennon set improving communications with the residents of Newton as a priority and asked the councilors for help in achieving this goal.

The reception that followed the ceremony was a nice opportunity to greet and congratulate our city governing bodies.

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