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StorySlam2The Newton Nomadic Theater is planning the next Nomad Story Slam.  The date’s not been finalized yet but it will be mid-January,  most likely Fri 1/15 or Sat 1/16.   The theme for the night will be “not what I had in mind“.   Stories should be 5 minutes long and true , so now get to work.  That gives you all plenty of time to work on a story.  Check out the NNT web site for tips on storytelling  We hope to see you all there.

In the meantime, here’s our Story of the Week from the Nomad Story Slam archive.  It was recorded last April and the theme of that night was imagine my surprise“.    Julia de Peyster shared her story about a guerrilla marketing plan going awry

Enjoy!  – Click here.

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