Just wanted to say a quick thank you to Village 14 for inviting me to post! I’ll be sharing news from the Charter Commission as well as general thoughts on public policy as it pertains to the city of Newton.

The Charter Commission is having our first public hearing next week. Take a look:

NOTICE: Charter Commission Public Hearing

Thinking about the goal of greater public participation in government and the effectiveness, responsiveness, and efficiency of our government, the Charter Commission welcomes public input on the structure, responsibilities, and election of our city government.

Date: Thursday, December 17th, 2015
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Newton City Hall, Aldermanic Chamber

Feedback is also welcome via email at [email protected].

The work of the Charter Commission can be followed online at http://www.newtonma.gov/gov/chartercommission/default.asp.


The Newton Charter Commission

Joshua Krintzman, Chair
Rhanna Kidwell, Vice Chair
Bryan Barash
Jane O’Connor Frantz
Howard Haywood
Anne Larner
Brooke Lipsitt
Karen Manning
Christopher Steele

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