The Charter Commission met for the first time on Tuesday, November 23. I’m not sure whether to call it their first meeting, since they talk about an upcoming first meeting. At some point, when the Charter Commission’s web page is up, the official recording should be available, but in the meantime, you can listen to Part 1 here, in which they elect a chair by a 5-4 vote, and discuss dates for meetings and the first public hearing. And Part 2 here, where David Olson and Ouida Young explain the Open Meeting Law, which Ouida Young thinks has a “chilling effect” and “imposes a huge burden on boards and commissions.” And which Brooke Lipsitt, who seems to be learning about OML for the first time, thinks means that this or any board that meets every two weeks “is extremely constrained in the amount of work that it can get done.” Yikes!

Thanks to my YMCA buddy Ernie, who was going to the meeting anyway, for recording while I was home nursing a cold. He reports that even sitting at the table, which he was allowed to do with the recorder, it was very hard to actually hear. He hopes that microphones will be utilized in future meetings so the public will be better able to hear, especially if meetings continue to be around a table in the City Hall cafeteria.

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