In keeping with the Open Meeting Law, the School Committee for the first time held all of its caucus discussions to elect new leadership – including the vote — publicly this year. Alas, according to chair Matt Hills, no one from the public showed up. (That’s my “Alas.” I had told Hills I might attend and I’m assuming — given the outcome of the vote — that he was relieved to get a phone call today instead of an audience last night. )

According to Hills, at the Nov. 16 caucus, Hills and Margie Ross Decter nominated themselves for chair, and Ruth Goldman and Steve Siegel nominated themselves for vice chair. Speeches, questions and discussion followed, with the vote scheduled for Nov. 23.

At last night’s caucus, Decter dropped out and Hills was elected chair, 8-0 with one abstention. Goldman beat Siegel 5-4. Votes for Goldman were: Goldman, Angela Pitter-Wright, Diana Fisher Gomberg, Decter and Mayor Setti Warren. Votes for Siegel were Siegel, Hills, Margaret Albright and Ellen Gibson.

The vice chair results are interesting. When was the last time the School Committee voted 5-4 on anything?

Congratulations to Matt and Ruth.