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Those on the school mailing lists may have seen a memo from Supt. Fleishman today about school start times. The school committee (with the Mayor’s office) has formed a High School Start Time Working Group. It looks from the memo that we will be seeing surveys and public fora over the next year (I’m assuming the next school year is the target for activity, if not a decision).

While I am parent of a student about to leave the public school system, I remain interested in what comes out of this. I know it has been a very important issue to many of us, not just those who have been extremely vocal about it on V14.

For myself (and as statistically invalid focus group with 1 teenager) I have always taken seriously the discussions around studies calling for later start times to make sure our children are rested and healthy, as I have always noted the logistical obstacles, within the city and in concert with other communities with whom we share extracurricular activities. This feels to me like a serious attempt to at least talk about the situation, though I am sure we will see other opinions in comments.

Does the formation of a working group mean a change on the horizon? I have no idea. But it appears there will be opportunities for members of the community to be heard on the issue.

The memo in its entirety, with a link if it doesn’t show up for you on the page:High School Start Time-page-001

High School Start Time-page-002


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