StorySlam2Come join us this Friday, 7:30 PM at Gregorian Rugs for the next  Nomad Story Slam.  It’s a night of story telling inspired by the Moth Radio Hour.

Anyone can come, throw their name in the hat, and tell a story.  The stories should be 5 minutes long, be true, and be connected to the night’s theme –  “that’s when I knew this was a bad idea”.

If you haven’t been to one yet, you should give it a try.  They are great nights full of wonderful stories of every imaginable kinds – funny stories, heart wrenching stories, ridiculous stories.  Throw your name in the hat yourself or just come, sit back and listen to stories from your Newton neighbors.

Tickets, info, and storytelling tips available here.

Every Sunday, I’ve been posting a single Story or the Week” from the video archive. This week is a tale from Bob Burke, one of our Village 14 regulars, about how to hide an aircraft carrier.

Enjoy! – Click here

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