boblobelAccording to this story on bostonglobe.com, former sportscaster Bob Lobel is suing the Woodland Golf Club for “discrimination, alleging that the club is wrongly denying him the right to use a specialized golf cart for the disabled, especially on the club’s putting greens.”

You’ll have to read the story to get the full picture but here are a couple of excerpts that show where the two sides are coming from:

“As a direct and proximate result of Woodland’s unlawful discrimination, plaintiff has sustained injuries and damages including [loss of] the right to socialize with longtime friends, feelings of isolation and depression,’’ Lobel asserted in the lawsuit.

Woodland’s General Manager David Garfinkel’s response:

“There is no problem with having them [adaptive carts] on the course. We’ve accommodated Mr. Lobel’s request to have access to the golf course. Mr. Lobel has access to our tees, to our fairways, to our roughs, to our approaches. No one has access to our greens in carts.’’

Garfinkel said the club conducted its own test using an adaptive cart on the green, and concluded the putting greens would be damaged if they are driven on them by anyone. “It’s just that with certain surfaces we witnessed mechanical damage to the golf course,’’ he said. “Whether it was the age of our green or the golf cart — it caused significant impression and wear on the putting surface during the test.’’

Lobel is asking Woodland to change its policy, pay his attorney fees, and award him $250K in damages.


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