11, 054 ballots were cast yesterday for a turnout of 20%, making Bryan Barash the winner in predicting turnout with his 19% guess.

Others with winning predictions were:

Jeffrey Pontiff, Steven Feinstein, Lisap, and Doug Haslam all correctly forecast the candidate with the most votes in a contested race:  Margaret Albright (5,821)

Nobody predicted that Margaret Albright would also win most votes in any race. (Congratulations Margaret!)

Nor did anyone predict that Brooke Lipsitt would top the Charter Commission ballot with 4,369 votes.

Number of votes for number nine spot on Charter Commission (2,745): Only three brave souls ventured a guess on this challenging and analytical question. The winning guess goes to yours truly, Gail Spector, with a prediction of 2,061 votes.




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