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I asked BOA President Scott Lennon about the anticipated schedule for the Land Use and full board votes on Austin Street. I also wanted to make sure it didn’t have to go through any other committees such as Finance.

His answer follows:

“Austin Street is just in Land Use. We have a few more working sessions (10/29; 11/10; 11/12) scheduled and then we get it to the full Board. We are trying get a vote one way or another by 12/31. This is NOT etched in stone and if we need to add a working session or two we can/will. We have other non-Austin Street petitions too and you need to be fair to those petitioners as well. We do want to work within the full Board schedule though….”

According to City Clerk David Olson, if the board doesn’t vote this calendar year, the special permit request does not carry over to the new board. It would have to be withdrawn and refiled to start again.



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