Village 14 received the following press release from the Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce:


Chamber board votes in support of proposed mixed use project at 28 Austin Street

The Newton-Needham Chamber’s Board of Directors voted unanimously to support the following resolution at its Oct. 21, 2105 meeting.

The Board of Directors of the Newton-Needham Chamber believes that the proposed mixed-use development at 28 Austin Street would have a positive impact on the City of Newton’s and the Village of Newtonville’s economic and cultural vitality.

The board appreciates the compromises that have been made in response to community concerns since the original proposal; including the decision to scale back the number of rental units, square footage available for retail; and building height. The board especially appreciates that the completed project will provide 127 at-grade public parking spaces (the same number as presently exists) with additional underground parking for the new building’s tenants.

As proposed, the project would bring new customers and energy into Newtonville and provide needed rental units, which are especially needed for millennial and seniors who desire to move or remain in Newton.

The Chamber Board urges Newton’s Board of Aldermen to approve the special permit.

In addition, the Chamber is committed to actively supporting Newtonville’s merchants, restaurants and other businesses during construction by organizing a special Shop Local Newtonville campaign and holding events at village businesses.



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