Participants of the International Mayors' Conference at the Western Wall in Jeruasalem

Participants of the International Mayors’ Conference at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Apparently Mayor Warren kept good company this past week when he traveled to Jerusalem with 39 other mayors from cities around the world for the 30th International Mayors Conference. The theme of the conference was “Smart Cities,” and they were scheduled to meet with Israeli leaders including PM Netanyahu and innovation leaders.

Other mayors scheduled to attend were: Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City; Mayor Rudrah Singh Tamang of Katmandu, Nepal; Mayor Swati Godbole of Jabalpur, India; Mayor Mauricio Esteban Rodas Espinel of Quito, Ecuador; Mayor Lovelly Warren of Rochester, New York; Mayor Robert L. Crowell of Carson City, Nevada; Mayor Roland Ries of Strasbourg, France; Mayor László Papp of Debrecen, Hungary; Deputy Mayor Lu Kai of Xian, China; Mayor Remigijus Šimašius of Vilna, Lithuania; Mayor Anabela Freitas of Tomar, Portugal; Mayor Siniša Mali of Belgrade, Serbia; Mayor Lake Ayalew of Bahid Dar, Ethiopia; Mayor Krzysztof  Żuk of Lublin, Poland; Mayor Gaspar Soares‬ of Dili, East Timor; and Mayor Andres Jafif of Punte del Este, Uruguay.



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