The Newton Teachers Association has announced its endorsement of candidates for aldermen and Charter Commission. The questionnaire they sent to candidates for Charter Commission were an odd choice for people not running for legislative seats. I can’t imagine what NTA leadership was thinking when asking Charter Commission candidates to answer the following questions:

As an educator union, we would like to know what you think about some of the following issues that affect Newton’s employees:

  • What do you think Newton needs to do to make sure that it has adequate finances for its schools?
  • Would you support overrides of proposition 2 ½ , and if so, under what conditions?
  • Do you support the Mayor’s capital improvement plan?
  • How do you think the city should address Other Post Employment Benefits funding?
  • What is your position on Newton’s pension obligations?
  • Do you think Newton should continue to self-insure its employees’ health insurance? Do you think Newton should reconsider providing its employee health insurance through the GIC?
  • Do you support the collective bargaining rights of Newton’s municipal and educator unions. Are you committed to protecting the collective bargaining rights of Newton Educators and municipal employees? What do you see as the role of collective bargaining in the city and schools?