On Friday evening, Rena Getz and I went to see Brian at Saint E’s.  It was difficult to believe that he suffered his heart attack less than a week earlier. His recovery to date has been remarkable and his doctors are extremely pleased with the results. He’s alert, fully engaged and in good humor. We had animated conversation with Brian for almost two hours.  We told him of the outpouring of concern and support from every part of Newton and from people of every political persuasion.

He was interested in learning every detail about what’s going on with his campaign, events at City Hall and in Newton generally; but he was particularly focused on getting his copy of the “Friday package” that includes an agenda and pertinent information about item the Board will be deliberating the following Monday. Brian’s goal is simply to get well as quickly as possible so he can get back to the work he does as quickly as possible. He seems well on his way to achieving that goal and I know we will all be cheering him forward.

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