In Adrian Walker’s column in today’s Boston Globe, he writes about Mayor Setti Warren’s second-term agenda to “figure out what cities like his can do to address the issues of income inequality and economic mobility.” At last week’s US Conference of Mayors, Warren convened two panel discussions about what local governments can do to combat lack of mobility.

Here’s an excerpt:

Issues of class — which are what Warren is really hoping to address — have traditionally been considered largely beyond the reach of local government, driven by forces mayors and their allies simply aren’t in a position to influence much.

Warren begs to differ. It’s practically an article of faith among him and his peers that mayors can actually make things happen, albeit on a limited scale, while other levels of government are gridlocked.

According to the column — and to data provided to Walker by Warren — six percent of Newton’s population lives below the poverty line.

It’s worth the read. Then come back here and share your thoughts.


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