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GreenwayMore state police troopers are walking the beat along the Charles River as a result of the rape last Monday, a police spokesperson told Village 14.

Trooper David Procopio confirmed that both the victim and assailant in last week’s attack were living in the encampments along the river and were known to one another. He also said that troopers are patrolling the area “to identify the encampments and, when found, talk with DCR and offer options to [the homeless] including shelter and hospitalization.” He could not offer details as to how many homeless have moved. “Usually we give them a trespass warning and tell them they have to leave. DCR tries to move in and clean up the area,” Procopio said.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the problem has been increasing in recent years. It’s something that troopers from the Brighton barracks have noted, as have commenters on Village14 and Reddit.

“It’s an issue that we’ve been aware of,” Procopio said. “We’re increasing patrols from Cambridge all the way to Waltham.”

Questions to DCR asking for additional clarification on the increase in homeless have not yet been returned.

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