Newtonville Area Council

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On September 27th, during Newtonville Village Day, an election was held to select the members of next Newtonville Neighborhood Area Council. This was a contested race of the 12 candidates, with the top 9 to be sworn into office in January 2016.

The winners are:

  • Peter Bruce
  • Joyce H. Huber
  • Marc D. Kaufman
  • Wayne Koch
  • Thomas D. Kraus
  • Colleen M. Minaker
  • Susan Reisler
  • Helen K. Sroat
  • Timothy D. Stone

Folks may notice at least one regular participant of V14 will be a new member of the Council.

Congratulations to all!

P.S. Elections for the Highlands, Upper Falls and Waban Councils will be held during the municipal election on November 3rd.

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