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The Newton Highlands, Newton Upper Falls and Waban Area Councils are sponsoring TWO events on October 4 to showcase candidates who are running for citywide contested offices in November. Since there are a large number of candidates in seven races, the Tri- Council Committee has decided to sponsor two occasions featuring the candidates: the first, an afternoon event focused solely on the Charter Review Commission candidates; and the second, on the same date, an evening event focused on both the School Committee and Aldermen-at-Large candidates.

Event One: Charter Commission candidates at the Hyde Community Center, 90 Lincoln Street, Newton Highlands, from 2 to 4:30pm. These candidates are running for 9 positions on the Charter Review Commission. The moderator for this event will be Gloria Gavris, retired lawyer and lobbyist, and recent author of E is for Election Day, an engaging educational read that encourages children’s interest in electoral politics. Written questions will be accepted and submitted to the moderator. 

Event Two: School Committee and Alderman-at-Large candidates at the Woman’s Club of Newton Highlands, 72 Columbus St., Newton Highlands from 7-9:30pm. This event will highlight the candidates running for contested School Committee and Aldermen-at-Large races. The moderator for this event will be Marjorie Arons-Barron, President of Barron Associates Worldwide, a communications consultancy, and a distinguished print and broadcast journalist, recipient of Emmys and national awards for excellence as editorial director of WCVB-TV, Channel 5. Questions will be taken from the audience.

These contested races are all citywide and voters in every Ward have a stake in the outcome of these races and can vote for the candidates of their choice in all of them. The three Area Councils are working together to provide voters the opportunity in a comfortable setting to take their measure of the candidates, their experience and their positions on crucial issues.

We invite your participation at these two unique events.


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