CompassPosterThe Newton Nomadic Theater’s newest production, “The Compass Rose” by Ronan Noone will open this Friday, Sept 25 at 7:30 in the home of Chris Steele and Emily Prenner in Waban.

Each performance will feature a real world Newton couple celebrating their (fictional) wedding anniversary.  We’ve just completed the schedule of wedding couples (below).  We’ve got a great cast of Newton faces making their acting debuts.  Be sure to check out the wedding photos (click on their names below) of the folks that have already sent them to us.

We’ll be limiting the audience at most performances to a bit smaller than previous shows and we expect its going to be a very popular show so get your tickets soon.  Click here for tickets.

  • Fri Sept 25 Scott & Nancy Wilson will be celebrating their anniversary with us on opening night at the Steele/Prenner home.  Scott and Nancy are old friends and Scott was the original curator of the Museum of Bad Art.
  • Sat Sept 26Dean Whitney & Julie Irish‘s party is at the Steele/Preener home.  They are Upper Falls favorite chicken farmers and Julie is the former president of the Countryside PTO.
  • Fri Oct 2 – Jeff & Alicia Bowman celebrate their nuptials  at Gregorian Rugs.  Alicia is the powerhouse behind the Tour de Newton
  • Sat Oct 3 – Joe & Ruth Ann Fuller will be celebrating at Gregorian Rugs.  Ruth Ann is one of our esteemed alderwomen
  • Sat Oct 10 – Chris Pitts & Terri Noyes will be taking a night off from Chris’s election campaign to celebrate their anniversary and maybe pick up a book or two at the Auburndale Library.
  • Sun Oct 11 – Friends of local author Gail Spector & Dan Richards invites the entire Village14 crew to their anniversary party at the Auburndale Library.  Shhhh, its a surprise,
  • Fri Oct 16Greg Reibman & Cindy Bailen will be whooping it up at Steve Siegel & Theresa St-John’s house.  Greg Reibman needs no introduction here on Village 14 and Cindy is a familiar face to TV-WGBH viewers
  • Sat Oct 17 – Jay and Martha Harney will be blindsided when they walk into the anniversary party that their friends organized at the Siegel-St John home.   All of Alderman Harney’s constituents are invited too!
  • Fri Oct 23 – Melissa and Bernie Bernstein will be leaving their Newton Theater Company for the night and coming to our theater to celebrate their anniversary at the Historic Newton’s Durant-Kenrick House
  • Sat Oct 24 Harry Lohr & Judy Karp will be celebrating their anniversary at Historic Newton’s Durant-Kenrick House.  That’s particularly appropriate because Harry has been very involved with Historic Newton for years and serves on their Board of Directors.
  • Sun Oct 25 – Chris Steele & Emily Prenner are hosting two anniversary parties next weekend at their house but meanwhile their friends are planning Chris and Emily’s own surprise anniversary party at Dunn Gaherins Pub.



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