If you’re out and about on Sunday morning you’re likely to see groups of 25 or 30 brightly clad bicyclists all over the city.  It’s the 3rd annual Tour de Newton!

This year it’s the biggest yet.  We bumped the number of riders up to 750.  Added a “Petite Tour”, a 5 mile, 3 village mini–route for beginners.  Added the Contra Tour, a faster paced tour for more experienced riders.  They’ll be riding the route in the opposite direction (clockwise) from the regular riders (counter-clockwise).  That should add to the fun since now all the riders will cross paths with lots of bicycle along the way.

So if you’re motoring in the morning, please give them a break where you can.  If you’re kicking around in the morning, looking for something to do, stop by your village stop and join your neighborhood’s Village Greeters in welcoming the endless stream of riders to your village, and cheering them on – a new group will be arriving every 10 minutes or so all morning long.

The originally scheduled Tour was rained out and postponed back in June.  It’s looking like we’re going to squeak by with good weather in the morning, after the earlier morning showers and before the afternoon T’storms.  Godspeed the Tour de Newton!

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