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Meaghan MaherI have it from a very good source that Meaghan Maher, Mayor Setti Warren’s director of community engagement, is no longer working for the administration. Her last day was Friday.

I will update when I have a confirmation but I’m very confident that it’s true.

Update: Dori Zaleznik, the mayor’s chief administrative officer, confirmed that Meaghan’s last day was Friday.

More: I’ll take this opportunity to say that I hope the mayor replaces Meaghan with someone who understands the importance of and excels at communications and communication strategy. I don’t have a full glimpse into the mayor’s office anymore but I occasionally call or email with questions from Village 14. It has become a lot more difficult to get even the easiest of questions answered. I understand that I’m not going to get the same treatment I got when I was editor of the TAB and I don’t expect it. But given the Village 14 stats and issues, and the practical guarantee that everybody who reads V14 votes (and has friends who vote), I would think we’d be an important constituency. I hope that Mayor Warren understands this.


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