Nominations for the 2015 Municipal Elections closed July 30. Here’s the final list from the election department of candidates that have turned in their nomination papers and had enough certified signatures as of the deadline:

Scott F. Lennon                   Alderman-at-Large, Ward 1
Allan L. Ciccone, Jr.            Alderman-at-Large, Ward 1
Alison Leary                         Ward Alderman, Ward 1
Allan Ciccone, Sr.                 Ward Alderman, Ward 1
Ellen P. Gibson                     School Committee, Ward 1
Marcia T. Johnson               Alderman-at-Large, Ward 2
Susan S. Albright                Alderman-at-Large, Ward 2
Jacob Daniel Auchincloss   Alderman-at-Large, Ward 2
Jessica C. Barton                 Alderman-at-Large, Ward 2
Lynne Lise LeBlanc              Alderman-at-Large, Ward 2
Emily Norton                        Ward Alderman, Ward 2
Cyrus Vaghar                       School Committee, Ward 2
Margaret Albright                School Committee, Ward 2
Ted Hess-Mahan                  Alderman-at-Large, Ward 3
James R. Cote                      Alderman-at-Large, Ward 3
Julia Malakie                        Alderman-at-Large, Ward 3
Barbara Brousal-Glaser       Ward Alderman, Ward 3
Angela Pitter Wright            School Committee, Ward 3
Leonard J. Gentile               Alderman-at-Large, Ward 4
Amy Mah Sangiolo              Alderman-at-Large, Ward 4
John W. Harney                   Ward Alderman, Ward 4
Diana Fisher Gomberg        School Committee, Ward 4
Brian E. Yates                       Alderman-at-large, Ward 5
Deborah J. Crossley             Alderman-at-Large, Ward 5
Christopher Pitts                  Alderman-at-Large, Ward 5
John B. Rice                          Ward Alderman, Ward 5
Susan Huffman                     School Committee, Ward 5
Steven Siegel                        School Committee, Ward 5
Victoria Danberg                  Alderman-at-Large, Ward 6
Gregory Schwartz                Alderman-at-large, Ward 6
Richard B. Blazar                 Ward Alderman, Ward 6
Ruth Goldman                      School Committee, Ward 6
Ruthanne Fuller                   Alderman-at-Large, Ward 7
Marc C. Laredo                     Alderman-at-Large, Ward 7
R. Lisle Baker                       Ward Alderman, Ward 7
Matthew Hills                       School Committee, Ward 7
Frank Wolpe                         Alderman-at-Large, Ward 8
Richard A. Lipof                    Alderman-at-Large, Ward 8
David A. Kalis                        Alderman-at-Large, Ward 8
Cheryl Lipof Lappin              Ward Alderman, Ward 8
Margie Ross Decter              School Committee, Ward 8


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