STEAMExpo_websiteI had planned to post this earlier but have been otherwise engaged recently.

I am a member of the New England Optical Society and have enjoyed working with students and others to, as I like to say, “Corrupt young minds into pursuing careers in Optics”. A couple of weeks ago the Newton Free Library hosted a STEAM Expo attracting several organizations to conduct hands-on  demonstrations to about a thousand attendees. My group has had an exciting spring with several events over the past months and I am happy to see Newton getting more involved in these efforts.

I had hope to see some members of the School Committee having extended invitations to a couple personally but if any attended I missed them. Next year please make sure you say hello. (I have a personal belief that the SC is not encouraging Newton to look beyond our borders for new ideas in STEM education, so as Greg might say “Discuss“.)

I am looking forward to participating again next year and am encouraging others to join the effort knowing that Newton has loads of residents working in research, tech and the arts. Share your creative passions and help me in my efforts in corruption!

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